posted 00/00/2008

Directed by:
Katsuya Matsumura

Eisuke Tsunoda ... Suzuki Kensuke
Ryôsuke Suzuki ... Saitô Shinji
Yôji Ietomi ... Tanaka Tetsuya
Hiromasa Taguchi ... Tamari

Country: Japan
Runtime: 90 min
Original title: Ooru naito rongu

This movie has got me in such a depressed mood that I barely feel like writing this. I like dark, gloomy movies but this film with it’s awful, repetitive soundtrack and it’s lack of purpose just leaves you empty. There are really only two exciting scenes in the movie and a very nice romance.

We are introduced to three young male high school students. A smart tech-y boy, a geek and a rich idiot. They are all socially awkward. They are all on their way somewhere when the crossing pole comes down warning that a train will pass. As they all wait a crazy guy comes out (possibly high on something) and asks a girl that was standing nearby for directions then stabs her a couple of dozen times until she’s dead. After that I guess he just runs off. The three boys are freaked out, so in order to feel better they become friends real quick and plan a party at the rich kids house to celebrate how death makes friends of strangers I’m guessing...? The thing is that they each must bring a girl.

The initial killing was the first mildly exciting thing that happens. Then there’s a believable sweet romance between the tech kid and a girl he meets. During this part the movie feels much like a dark drama instead of horror. I say dark drama because we all know something bad is going to happen to the girl. The other two have no luck finding ladies. The nerdy kid begs a fat school weirdo who is cool with girls to find him a date but he later finds out that they plan on exploiting him and leaving him heartbroken. But the nerd gets some revenge when he meets his supposed date and he pukes milk on her dress. The rich kid lures a pretty girl to accompany him at the infamous party but she turns out to be a horny devil, pissed off and malicious. On the night of the party she gets him hot and handcuffs him to a fence with his pants down and takes off.

The guy with the girlfriend is heading towards the party with her when a gang rapes and kills her. You barely see anything but a flash of light and a thigh. Somehow the guy escapes to plan revenge with his other two outcast, dateless friends. With the nerd wearing a mask and one of the guys toting a shotgun that could kill a bear, according to the kid, they infiltrate the gang's hideout and wreak havoc.

There is much to say about presumptions, especially when it comes to films. This movie was on a list of the top 10 most disturbing films and everything I had read seemed to back it up. It was an hour and 10 minutes and I was waiting for more blood or gore, or even rape. All I got was slow, tedious character development and not a drop of blood. The end gives us something but there is so much more that I was hoping for and now I am left annoyed. As a horrific dramatic tale of fear and frustration it might work fine but please people don’t tell me this is one of the top ten most disturbing films out there because I will get angry.

  - Jorge Antonio Lopez


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