posted 00/00/2008

Directed by:
Katsuya Matsumura

Masashi Endô ... Shun'ichi Noda
Ryôka Yuzuki ... Sayaka Mizukami
Masahito Takahashi
Takamitsu Ôkubo

Country: Japan
Runtime: 68 min
Original title: Ooru naito rongu 2: Sanji

I wanted to go this far and rent the sequel to All Night Long. I am not sure how I feel. The feeling after watching this film is like that of a painless death. A void. Katsuya Matsumura is back with more depressing sickly shit and this time he’s brought homosexual youth. I think I heard there were five of these films in total. I am questioning my being completist theories and all that. This is another slice of crap about sexual and violent inhibitions and venting the shit out of them. Becoming animalistic and shallow evil people, glorifying in shameful things must be the goal for these characters.

Shunichi Noda is a young computer nerd who likes to chat online, build model kits and keep to himself. Oh, and of course he’s inept with women and harbors his own personal demons. Despite his keeping to himself attitude he manages to borrow a large sum of cash from a local gang. We never know what for. If he’s a good kid why mess around with borrowing cash from thugs, and if it were for a good reason, why keep it a secret from the audience. But believe me, Noda is just as worthless if not more so from the first second we see his four eyes to the last when he thinks he’s conquered the world or something.

The main villain is a teenage gang boss figure that tries to play it cool but is ultra violent (not nearly as cool as Alex from A Clockwork Orange) and ultra sensitive, which gives way to his open free homosexuality. When his naked teen boy partner in bed fails to amuse him he fills his ear canal with crazy glue!

So the gang boss is somehow friends with the nerd Noda before we meet them. The Boss has the hots for him and tries to kiss his ear and mouth whenever he gets a chance. He tries to show Noda that it’s fun to abuse people. On one occasion they are eating alone at the boss’ house when he brings out a used up gangbanged girl victim of his gang’s enjoyment. For their amusement she begs for food and eats off the floor and dances naked and more disgusting crap that’s not even enjoyable, even by my standards. She has bitten off all her finger nails and we see them often...Yuck!

Noda meets up with some guys on the internet who will loan him some money. They go to his house, eat pizza, party and sleepover. The boss and his gang crashes the party. As his thugs tie up and beat up everyone there, the Boss seduces Noda with all his boyish charms. When Noda says no he ties him up and burns his chest with a pocket torch. All hell breaks loose. One of the tied up friends breaks free and goes killing; Noda Kills some of them too and in the end, with the boss tied up to a chair Noda uses the pocket torch to singe his face and burn his mouth allover outside and inside. What a dirty mouth that boy must have had.

I hated this movie. It was far worse than the first one. These are the type of characters that should have never been born, or created, because they serve no purpose other than to make us sick. They are not cool or fun. It’s like eating from the dumpster. I don’t know if I could subject myself to another one of these films. I don’t think they make a strong enough Prozac!

- Jorge Antonio Lopez


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