posted 00/00/2008

Directed by:
Katsuya Matsumura

Yuujin Kitagawa ... Kikuo Sawada
Ryôka Yuzuki ... Hitomi Nomura
Tomorowo Taguchi ... Kawasaki
Meika Seri ... Staff member of Wings (love hotel)

Country: Japan
Runtime: 76 min
Original title: Ooru naito rongu 3: Saishuu-shô

This is the best and most disturbing of the All Night Long series. Almost every single character shows a level of depravity that is shocking and blunt. The tone of the whole film is one of violence and cruelty stemming from jealousy and sexual frustration. I liked this one because the main character Kikuo Sawada, brilliantly portrayed by Yuujin Kitagawa is the perfect example of the budding psychopath. He wasn’t exactly an average nerd when we first met him but you can easily trace his evolution into a murderer.

Kikuo is a college student that lives by himself and works at a sleazy hotel. In the first few acts of sexual torture and violence he plays a quiet witness, slowly developing a taste for it. My favorite of these scenes is when Kikuo and a friend abuse this girl that walks with a limp and has a large scar running down her leg. They scrub her body with a broom and wash her off with a hose. Human degradation, especially female is a hot topic here and in all of the All Night Long films.

Kikuo then takes up garbage collecting. He sorts through the trash of Hitomi Nomura, a random girl he fancied and begins stalking her. His obsession for her grows out of hand to the point where he is collecting her bras, toothbrush and even tampons. At the end he tells her that he even knows her menstrual cycle! He meets a fellow garbage collector and they talk about women’s trash. Kikuo later beheads him with a shovel and burns his corpse.

Later Kikuo has a girl chained to his bed where he performs unspeakable torture. At the end he kills her and dismembers her body. He finds out that his Hitomi is checking into the sleaze hotel where he works, and she’s with a male friend. He goes berserk and destroys his room when he gets home. He grabs a gun and goes on a killing spree. The last 20 or so minutes are brutal and very cool. Kikuo’s blowup was well done. The very last scene is a bit confusing as to whether he kills Hitomi or not.

Although I am not a fan of the All Night Long series I highly recommend this one to anyone, especially if your into sexual torture or psychopath films (or both!). Yuujin Kitagawa’s portrayal of Kikuo was chilling to say the least. Katsuya Matsumura has made two more All Night Long films but are currently unattainable in the U.S.

- Jorge Antonio Lopez


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