posted 00/00/2009

Directed by:
Shimako Sato

Kimika Yoshino ... Misa Kuroi
Miho Kanno ... Mizuki Kurahashi
Shu-Ma ... Kenichi Shindou
Naozumi Takahashi ... Takayuki Mizuno

Country: Japan
Runtime: 80 min
Original title: Eko eko azaraku

I came into this film expecting a young, beautiful high school witch, with exotic powers and gentle to the eye but fierce in magical combat. I was also waiting for CGI demons or monsters, powerful, destructive witches, and maybe a hint of lesbianism amongst the students. A scene of lesbianism yes, everything else no. But I did like this movie.

Misa joins a new high school where she suspects might be under attack by forces unseen. How does she figure this out? Because we see nothing but an earlier scene of devil worshippers in a room full of candles, chanting, and all that shit. Early in the film we also see a steel ‘I’ beam smash through a girls head. This is perhaps one of the best gore scenes in the movie.

So Misa is at school and the characterization of everyone, even Misa is poor. But you have to forgive all for those delightful school girl uniforms with the red bow tie and mid thigh hem. Misa is somewhat attractive, but remember the school girl dress more than makes up for a pleasant evening viewing. All the girls are in their uniforms the whole time!! One of the teachers is a lesbian and she has hot Asian sex with a willing pupil in a darkened classroom with the door semi-closed. Just a crack to let in a heated peeper. Throughout the day voodoo type dolls managed by the witches someplace (I say someplace because their location or their reason for being is never explained) cause damage to their victims.

Twelve students, including Misa have to take a redo on a test, so they must stay in a classroom after school. Thing is that they will each be dying violent deaths until Misa and her rival are left. I must have forgotten to mention that though Misa is a freaking witch herself, her powers don't work and instead of opting for a good alliance, she uses demons, which we never see, by the way because her magic sucks! By sunset the school is abandoned and the exits are mysteriously locked or blocked off. One girl gets her head sliced off trying to escape through a window. Very nice effect. Misa, finds Mizuki, another student, lying on the ground in a classroom and they embrace with Misa telling her it’s all over. Mizuki then kisses Misa on the lips and stabs her with a dagger in the chest, making it clear that Mizuki is one of the malevolent witches. Everything seems set for Lucifer’s resurrection, but before that Mizuki gets rid of Misa once and for all by blowing at a voodoo doll and disintegrating Misa into sand. Lucifer appears as a white angel perched on a building (WTF?), who as being pure evil, kills Mizuki. Then Misa magically (pun intended) reappears from a pentagram that has formed on the ground.

In the last few minutes she is seen alone walking the street at sunset. I hope she’s thinking about those twelve kids she could have saved and how their innocent blood now stains her soul, crying for justice each night. We’ve got a hell of a witch here...in a schoolgirl uniform, where all’s forgiven! I liked this movie because when all is said and done it’s a fun, bad movie, and I look forward to the sequels. Rent it, you will be entertained!!

- Jorge Antonio Lopez


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