posted 00/00/2009

Directed by:
Kazuo 'Gaira' Komizu

Megumi Ozawa ... Hiromi
Ayako Ishii
Seira Kitagawa ... Yoshimi
Ken Yoshizawa ... Yoshioka

Country: Japan
Runtime: 68 min
Original title: Bijo no harawata
AKA: Guts of a Beauty
Guts of a Virgin 2

We know the Japanese are crazy. We know this. We also know they are perverts of the highest order. I won't get into it right now, but most of the world's perversions came straight out of Japan. My cohort, Jorge, reviewed the first film, and I found my way to the second and decidedly more hardcore sequel you see before you today. Directed again by Kazuo 'Gaira' Komizu, this "pink film" (meaning soft-core porno in Japan) has a bad case of split personality. It's not sure whether its a porno or a monster movie.

A young girl goes looking for her missing sister, only to run into the gang of Yakuza that drugged and sold her sister to Africa. The gang grabs the girl (who is apparently supposed to be a young, YOUNG girl, but is played by an older actress thankfully) and they rape her. Then they shoot her up with their new drug Angel Rain and keep her around as a sex toy. She manages to escape somehow and wanders into a hospital that looks strangely similar to an apartment building. She runs into her Psychologist, who takes the girl into her office and lays her naked on the table to hear her story. The Young Girl gets up, runs to the roof and tosses herself down. She manages to turn into a watermelon (no joke) before striking the pavement.

The Psychologist, pissed that her patient was so severely screwed up, decides to take revenge for her. She goes to a club and finds one of the Yakuza members. She jerks him off (for real, and it's right in your face, too!) and hypnotizes him to go to the rest of the gang and kill them. He does so, but they managed to shoot him dead before he does much damage. They trace his whereabouts and find the Psychologist, who is then raped to bits. Let me stop a moment here and say that this is probably one of the most depraved scenes I have ever seen on film. Anyway, the girl is drugged with Angel Rain and thrown in a crate with the bloody remains of the guy she beat off previously. Now, the film takes a turn and becomes a horror film...sort of.

One of the Yakuza lackeys goes to throw the bodies in the river, but finds that the bodies have joined into an inside-out demon monster. The monster goes on a killing rampage but I will mention the two most notable deaths. First he goes to the home of the Yakuza leader's mistress. The sex-crazed lady notices the monster's hard on and gives it a blow job. Again, let me stop here to mention how ugly and unenjoyable this movie is. Anyway, the slimy, red dick has a face and teeth and it squeals as the girl lovingly licks it. Then the monster starts to fuck her, and then she is really fucked when the dick grows longer and pops out of her chest like an Alien wannabe. Then the monster goes to the leaders home and its penis grows inward, becoming a vagina, and it decides to sit on the leaders head, swallowing it up and suffocating him. Vengeance has finally been served...but at what cost?

This is a weird movie. Incredibly pornographic at times, and gorily gleeful in others, this film is not designed to be enjoyed, just experienced. It wasn't as graphically violent as I thought it would be, but its still as distasteful and unpleasant as I knew it would be. There is no reason to watch this movie, unless you really hate your friends and want them to ignore you after you made them watch this trash.

  - Jose Prendes


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