posted 00/00/2008

Directed by:
Kazuo 'Gaira' Komizu

Saeko Kizuki ... Rei
Naomi Hagio ... Kazuyo
Megumi Kawashima ... Kei
Osamu Tsuruoka ... Itomura

Country: Japan
Runtime: 72 min
Original title: Shojo no harawata
AKA: Guts of a Virgin

With a name like that you’d think you had it set. Popcorn, soda, virgins and their entrails removed for our pleasure. The story revolves around soft-core porn photographers and their own sex hi-jinks. Here is another case of an unbalanced equation. There is too much ridiculous sex stories about these characters and then a "horror" third act. I want a good horror movie peppered with sex instead of a soft- core porn peppered with horror! The monster, is a demon or alien, with a monstrous phallus that seeks people to kill, but especially girls to bang.

In the first act we get to know our band of degenerates and their porn world. The quickest way to do this is by showing us the men having sex with the porn girls. I don’t care to remember the names so "the main guy" is the hot-shot suave photographer that deflowers the lot. Then there’s "the boss", a shorter middle-aged man that runs the finances and is hornier than "the main guy". There are like, three girls. One is a weak willed, wanting a job (yet reluctant to bang) virgin girl. Another is crazy and passes out after one of the guys wrestles her down. This they do in their underwear, as entertainment for "the boss" and "the main guy". The third girl I can’t remember.

On their way somewhere their van hits something. Then the thing vanishes out of sight. This is the alien, which is actually a naked guy covered in mud. The "mud alien" manages to bang a girl that goes outside then a shard of broken glass falls from the top of the window where they were doing it and kills her. Then "the boss" goes outside and gets himself speared by the "mud alien". There are over six dumb sex scenes which mainly involve the horny Japanese guy sexually advancing on a reluctant yet willing girl. The girl that had passed out from wrestling one of the guys goes nuts and walks around outside in the storm. She ends up in a large tiled bathroom. Then a severed arm is thrown in there. She picks it up and masturbates using the hand from the arm to service herself. Then she meets up with our "mud alien" and they have sex. He reaches into her (with his hand) and pulls out her entrails, killing her.

Our big climax is when our ever-horny "mud alien" finds the lone virgin girl and bangs her in the mud, porno style. Later we cut to the girl rubbing her pregnant belly. She is on top of a mountain or something. The movie ends with her last words. "What will come out of me?". Then there are some fire blasts and that’s it.

I don’t care what the hell comes out of her. I hope it’s a flesh eating bacteria or a virus worm. The best word to describe this movie is thrash. I thought the horny mud alien was super cheesy but kind of cool so for that I left it at one coffin. Some more gore would have helped.

  - Jorge Antonio Lopez


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