posted 00/00/2009

Directed by:

Hiromi Saotome
Country: Japan
Runtime: n/a
Original title: Jogakusei: harakiri

Series Overview:

This was a birthday gift from my good friend Jose. He couldn’t have picked a better gift. If you don’t know so already, Harakiri, also known as Seppuku is the ceremonial suicide rite for the Japanese. It is performed with a tanto blade inserted into the abdomen and thrust left to right. It was originally only performed by the samurai as part of their code but lay women and men have performed this fearful task upon themselves as well. In a second procedure which I believe was used less often, an appointed kaishakunin would then perform dakikubi, using the blade to slowly decapitate the samurai. Over time it became a detailed ritual involving spectators and a sense of formality and artfulness. In these series of short films (six to be exact) we witness a seppuku ceremony from start to finish shot in real time.


School Girl: Harakiri opens with a truly wonderful sight: a young woman in a school girl uniform contemplating her suicide knelt down on the ground. She spends over 20 or 30 minutes looking over a scrapbook album with pictures of woman who have performed seppuku. If you have never seen a Japanese school girl uniform then you are missing out. It’s like a cute sailors outfit with a red scarf and mid thigh skirt that almost always promises naughty things. After getting a good look at her face, she is not so hot. Now she starts hugging her midsection. She spots the tanto blade and studies it. These things are amazing. The blade looks sturdy and sharp and the sheath is made of a solid thick piece of wood. She runs her fingers by the blunt of the blade and then presses its cool surface to her cheek. She finally opens her blouse and she has a fair pair. Her stomach looks firm and good too, and like before, she rubs the area she will soon devastate. She then proceeds to wrap part of the blade with a sheet of paper, a similar process from the earlier harakiri. She thrusts the knife into her and you can see the blood drip down unto her sexy white panties. Her midsection is eviscerated and the crotch of her panties is fully soaked in blood. We can’t see much of her breasts now for she forgot to take her blouse completely off but watching her moan in those bloody panties makes up for almost anything. Then she slowly pulls out some of her entrails and seemingly examines them. Her intestines are slowly pulled out as she coughs and moans. Finally with her ass in the air she expires like a bloody angel with an ugly face but hot panties.

I hope the women we get in the next four films are better looking. I can seriously imagine the director strolling through the local red light district and picking from the ruined, disillusioned bitches sleeping on the floor because the quality of their hooking has declined. I am an easy to please guy, so for the sole fact that they are topless and suicidal...well, that’s enough for now. I say for now because we have four films to go shot in real time using only a couple of shots. I can go downstairs, microwave myself a HotPocket, wait for it to cool and then eat it. When I come back up she will have probably not even have disrobed or figured out where her death blade was. I gave this piece four coffins because of the outfit, the panties and the chance to witness a woman look through a scrapbook album on suicide for thirty minutes – real time. I love the Asians!

- Jorge Antonio Lopez


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