Acacia (2003)
"The dried up Acacia tree starts to grow leaves and flowers again. Mi's mother, who was mean to Jin, walks over to smell the flowering plants dropped by the tree and starts coughing blood. She ends up in the hospital, but Do's dad fairs a bit worse when he approaches the tree and scores of ants crawl all over him and flood into his ears, nose, and eyes, until he is dead."

All Night Long (1992)
"The nerdy kid begs a fat school weirdo who is cool with girls to find him a date but he later finds out that they plan on exploiting him and leaving him heartbroken. But the nerd gets some revenge when he meets his supposed date and he pukes milk on her dress. The guy with the girlfriend is heading towards the party with her when a gang rapes and kills her. You barely see anything but a flash of light and a thigh."

All Night Long 2: Atrocity (1995)
"When his naked teen boy partner in bed fails to amuse him he fills his ear canal with crazy glue! For their amusement she begs for food and eats off the floor and dances naked and more disgusting crap that’s not even enjoyable, even by my standards."

All Night Long 3: The Final Chapter (1996)
"Kikuo then takes up garbage collecting. His obsession for her grows out of hand to the point where he is collecting her bras, toothbrush and even tampons. At the end he tells her that he even knows her menstrual cycle ! He grabs a gun and goes on a killing spree. The last 20 or so minutes are brutal and very cool."

Angel Guts: Nami (1979)
"There are EIGHT rape scenes in this film and the main character masturbates twice in the shower, not to mention getting raped at the end of the film herself. Then for another mindfuck moment she pulls off her panties and (no joke) thrusts her genitals at her co-workers like a cheap striper."

Assault! Jack the Ripper (1976)
"The story is about a baker and a waitress who accidentally kill a crazy hitchhiker and then realize that murder is a powerful aphrodisiac for the couple. Then starts the cycle of murder, followed by hot sex! 4EYES uses his baker’s knife to jam it up women’s cunts."

Attack Girls' Swim Team Versus the Undead (2007)
"The fact is that this film is basically a thinly-disguised excuse to show naked girls. But not just that, to show them masturbating each other and licking each other's boobs. Not a bad reason, but not a good one if you are also trying to make some kind of a slapstick horror movie at the same time."

Black Cat, The (1968)
"A black cat shows up and walks over to the dead bodies of the women. He begins to lick their wounds, and the pair returns as vengeful cat demons appearing as ghosts. Yone brings them sake, and leaves Shige and the Samurai to do what men and women do best, but during the act, she tears into their throats and drinks their blood. This beautifully made film is not only a creepy horror story, but a wonderful work of art."

Blind Beast (1969)
"She freaks out, but he squeezes her breasts and knocks her out with rag soaked in something or other. Then his mom (yes, that's right, the blind psycho's mom is his accomplice) shows up at the apartment and helps him transport her back to his warehouse in the middle of nowhere where the truly crazy shit begins."

Calamity of Snakes (1983)
"Snakes of all shapes and sizes crash the party and basically spend the next 30 minutes tossing themselves (or being tossed) at the party-goers. The king of the snakes is called in and the most amazing sequence takes place when he and the giant (sometimes rubber, sometimes real) snake have an all-out kung fu battle to the death."

Cannibal Curse (1987)
"She finds him in an abandoned building full of midgets and caged women. The midgets act as wranglers and like to torture the prisoners. Ramau tears Bo’s clothes off and violently rapes her as the snakes watch. A white spot appears on the screen over the actress’ genital area. Later Bo returns home and uses the magic powder to sleep with her cousin’s suitors."

Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman (2007)
"We see her first abduct a kid from the playground. She is dressed in a khaki trench coat, carrying long scissors and wears a mask to cover her slit mouth. She has long black hair. To be honest, she kind of turned me on. This movie was fun and creepy. The slit-mouth make-up was beautifully done."

Cat, The (1992)
"The cat turns into a stop-motion puppet, bites down on the Octagon, and jumps into the vicious, Predator-like mouth of the alien. There the cat floats into the creature's guts and explodes! The explosion disintegrates the alien into billions and billions of particles of...glitter."

Centipede Horror (1984)
"A witch doctor heals a lady with a green belly by having her dance around naked while he plays drums with some bones until she vomits out scorpions. From two different locations priest Larong and the grey haired elder will go at it with Pak’s life in the balance. Larong summons an army of dancing skeletal chickens and sets one on fire sending it flying to attack the old man."

Crocodile (1981)
"A voice over in the beginning warns us that if man continues to destroy nature, then nature will destroy us, and in a furiously cheap hurricane, which causes buckets of water to wash Thai people away, a giant crocodile is born to seek vengeance on man. All we see of it is a close-up of its eyeball (which is used about 50 freakin' times) and a giant tail prop that smacks into the miniature sets."

Deathless Devil, The (1973)
"Tekin happens to be the secret son of superhero Copperhead, a crime-fighting El Santo-type guy who wears a skin-tight suit and a mask that looks like it was made out of old lady purses. Dr. Satan is after some kind of lamp called the Tangait Mine (???) that I think is like some kind of powerful laser and as he puts it will allow him to 'make 1000 robots and rule the world'."

Destroy All Monsters (1968)
"The original Japanese title of this film translates something like Godzilla’s Electric Battle Masterpiece, and they didn’t call it that for nothing. From the outset it was designed as a dream team of monsters from every corner of the Godzilla universe; a veritable Texas Death Match of marquee names. It was, and is, a Kaiju fan’s orgy of delight."

Eko Eko Azaraku: Wizard of Darkness (1995)
"Misa joins a new high school where she suspects might be under attack by forces unseen. I must have forgotten to mention that though Misa is a freaking witch herself, her powers don't work and instead of opting for a good alliance, she uses demons, which we never see, by the way because her magic sucks!"

Eko Eko Azaraku II: Birth of the Wizard (1996)
"This film is more of a prequel that takes place just as Misa is discovering her powers. The pace is quicker and there is more spell casting than in the first film. The characters and fantasy were rich and the story was entertaining. At a different location a mummy is discovered in a cave; an evil spirit that jumps from host to host is unearthed."

Eko Eko Azaraku III (1998)
"He went ahead and transferred the building to another dimension which is why it might have appeared burned down to us in our dimension. There, in an ancient laboratory, he conducts experiments in creating life forms from nothing. They are called Homunculus - innocent soulless creatures."

Entrails of a Beautiful Woman (1986)
"The sex-crazed lady notices the monster's hard on and gives it a blow job. The slimy, red dick has a face and teeth and it squeals as the girl lovingly licks it. Then the monster starts to fuck her, and then she is really fucked when the dick grows longer and pops out of her chest like an Alien wannabe."

Entrails of a Virgin (1986)
"Then a severed arm is thrown in there. She picks it up and masturbates using the hand from the arm to service herself. Then she meets up with our 'mud alien' and they have sex. He reaches into her (with his hand) and pulls out her entrails, killing her."

Escape from Hellhole (1983)
"Indri is taken back to the house and we see her seducing MG and kissing him. When he tries to slip his tongue into her mouth, she bites the tip off! This results in MG going to the hospital and Indri taken back to the camp and strapped upon the X-shaped torture wheel where she will be whipped and humiliated."

Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964)
"The movie starts right off the bat giving me flashbacks of the days where I’d make my G.I. Joe’s fight each other. The quality of my dueling Joe’s might have been better. But that’s the fun of these movies, right?"

Godzilla Raids Again (1955)
"Anguirus shows up then and the military's attention is divided as the two monsters start wrestling. Sometimes they are men in suits and sometimes they are ridiculous hand puppets, but it is always entertaining. The giants battle it out amidst the rubble of the city, kicking, clawing and bitting each other."

Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971)
"Hedorah is an alien life form that feeds on pollution and the Earth has plenty of it. So the creature grows, mutates and gives the people of Japan and Godzilla a really good fight. It’s a very psychedelic film with the music, outfits and of course the underlying statement: Stop polluting otherwise it’ll kill us."

Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster (1971)
"Considering that this movie was made during the 'kid-friendly' Godzilla era, it's pretty dark stuff. Well, not all dark. There is one other thing this movie is well- known for... FLYING GODZILLA! This is, to date, the only Godzilla film to feature an acid rock music video (complete with trippy fish-headed dancers)."

Gojira (1954)
"Now Godzilla comes into the picture raising hell. The army is called in and planes are deployed to no avail. Walking across town knocking over buildings and bridges, landmarks and trains, nothing can stop him. Everything explodes under water in a fantastically made scene and we even see Godzilla’s bones. Now how awesome is that my friends?"

Gore from Outer Space (2001)
"Satomi gets the strong urge to take a piss and runs outside to urinate in the woods, where she meets the politician and is forced to join him and his peeps on their rally bus. While on the bus, Satomi is raped by the horny politician and it turns out (though we never EVER find out for sure) that he and the rest of his 'supporters' might be aliens and she has just been impregnated by an alien."

Guinea Pig: Flower of Flesh and Blood (1985)
"A woman is abducted, dismembered, disemboweled, and beheaded. You can stop reading right now, if you want, because that is all that happens in this short film. This is the flick that Charlie Sheen, probably on a cocaine high, thought was a real snuff film and went to the FBI."

Guinea Pig: He Never Dies (1986)
"The stupid fuck then tries all sorts of torture on his body but becomes frustrated because he really wants to die! The blood and gore is nice, but not as visceral as what you’d expect from the infamous series. But everything is handled like a joke; there is no meanness or real cruelty. He is just clowning around."

Guinea Pig: Mermaid in a Manhole (1988)
"To make a repetitious story short; she decomposes, growing worse and worse each day, with spreading sores allover her body and worms coming out of her sores. Oh yeah...she asks him to paint her portrait using the colored puss that comes out from her sores. Beautiful indeed."

Harakiri (pt1) Female Harakiri: Glorious Death (1990)
"If you don’t know so already, Harakiri, also known as Seppuku is the ceremonial suicide rite for the Japanese. It is performed with a tanto blade inserted into the abdomen and thrust left to right. She doesn’t even scream while she cuts her belly open, just moaning and heavy breathing. She starts to bleed out profusely and slowly, very slowly, dies."

Harakiri (pt2) School Girl: Harakiri (1990)
"Finally, with her ass in the air, she expires like a bloody angel with an ugly face but hot panties. I gave this piece four coffins because of the outfit, the panties and the chance to witness a woman look through a scrapbook album on suicide for thirty minutes – real time. I love the Asians!"

Harakiri (pt3) Female Harakiri: Celebration (1990)
"I keep reminding myself that a women, who may potentially expose her breasts to us, plans on committing suicide and we get to watch the whole thing. It sounds convincing but just try to sit through one of these films and your patience will be tested like never before. She stabs her left tit with the knife, crawls a bit more moaning gently and just drops dead clutching the knife in between her bloody hands."

Hausu (1977)
"We get a severed girl's head biting another girl on the ass, a kitty cat music video, a piano eating a girl with the worst 70s effects aiding it, firefly juggling, kung fu against haunted sticks and a ton of other crazy crap. This movie straddles the line between unbearably cheesy Disney sitcom and crack-fueled nightmare."

Horrors of Malformed Men (1969)
"Jogoro's response (he catches his wife cheating on him) is to go live on an island and perform inhumane experiments on people. He breeds people with animals and with deformed people to populate his island with malformed men. Did I mention he also gets deformed men to rape his wife and breed weird offsprings! This makes him feel better."

Inugami (2001)
"There are these dog demons called Inugami who possess certain people, like Miki. She is one of the Bonomiya clan, an ancient Japanese family, and everyone around her hates her because they know she is infested with demon ghosts and has evil powers, or something."

Jungle Virgin Force (1988)
"Combining the worst in cannibalism, black magic, and Indonesian jungle theatrics, Jungle Virgin Force seems to want to wow us but instead is as appealing as a bowl of warm chicken soup. The colorful yet lame battle scenes move the story along a brisk pace."

Lady Terminator (1989)
"The acting is lame, the music is cheesy, the stunts are actually damn cool, the eel-up-the-slit origin is almost too great to believe and the best part of it is that everyone takes the events in the film dead serious!!! It is so retarded on almost every conceivable level that it becomes almost zen in and of itself."

Living Hell (2000)
"Wheelchair-bound Yasu gets no respect and is about to get the shit scared out of him when the old lady and her granddaughter show up. Now for no reason at all they decide to make his life unbearable by first scaring him, then out-right torturing him. The mystery unfolds slowly and by the end we open up a weird can of worms."

Love - Zero = Infinity (1994)
"The wife has become a vampire serial killer!? This bullshit doesn’t really mean anything! She notices Bessho is watching her so she has sex with him and now they both have AIDS! But since she is a vampire she must spread the sex virus around the city through coitus."

Meatball Machine (2005)
"Once they have latched on to an unsuspecting human, they fuse with it and basically turn us into half-man half-cyborg fighting machines. Sachiko considers him a threat and a massive, blood and puss-drenched battle begins as rockets grow out of places they shouldn't and lasers blast from transforming orifices."

Memento Mori (1999)
"The movie is about two girls, Hyo-Shin and Shi-eun, lesbian schoolgirls that deal with the angst of their love in the turmoil that is high school. Hyo has returned as vengeful ghost. Shi realizes that she was mean to Hyo and when she denied her Lesbo love that made Hyo kill herself."

Men Behind the Sun (1988)
"There is a tied up woman with her arms outstretched in freezing cold weather. Ice cold water is poured over her hands to freeze them. But you cannot find this stuff anywhere else like I mentioned earlier. The grotesque scenes here are flawless. I can’t tell you enough how real this looks"

Mothra vs. Godzilla (1964)
"The military attack Godzilla with tanks, planes, nets, and electricity but he remains unstoppable. Meanwhile the tiny ladies are singing to Mothra’s egg and twin Mothra worms hatch. The worms bite Godzilla’s tail and latch on to it. Then both worms shoot what looks like silly string at Godzilla."

One Missed Call (2008)
"Well, they receive a mysterious phone call and when they don't recognize the number or ringtone, they leave it alone which leaves them with one missed call. Get it? Pretty clever title, huh? Anyway, there is always a voicemail left and when they check it, it is basically their last seconds of life being played out."

Onechanbara - Bikini Samurai Squad (2008)
"The only thing that happens in this movie is characters walk from one place to another. They arrive at the stupid lab/castle/fortress thing and fight a whole bunch of zombie things that all like to wear the same raincoats for some stupid reason. Quick note, Aya is the only one in a bikini and that makes only a rare appearance."

Organ (1996)
"Through flashbacks we see how they had a lunatic mother which disfigured her son’s penis and poked her daughter’s eye out because she was mad that her husband was cheating on her. Is this fucked-up background story supposed to explain why these siblings now traffic human organs?"

Purana Mandir (1984)
"Samri first appears as a tall man with blood red eyes and wild hair. On the back of his black jacket there’s a diamond studded wolf and his belt buckle has shiny jewels; later like a full demon bigfoot with body fur and long fangs. He’s accused of raping young women, killing children and eating corpses out of opened graves."

Queen of Black Magic, The (1983)
"The king of black magic lives in a cave below the mountain. He heals Murni and trains her in black magic. He does this by making her jump on a trampoline naked in the middle of the night and by pouring blood over her head in the smoke filled cave house."

Rapist, The (1994)
"Leave it to Asian films to give us unflinching depictions of nasty things, and we get loads of it, as we accompany the rapist on his nightly rapings. He grabs one girl, drags her up the stairway, then bashes her head in while he brutal rapes her on the staircase. Another one gets raped violently in an elevator."

Red Room (1999)
"I have noticed that Japanese men love grabbing tits. They grab and squeeze and lick the nipples like hungry starving freaks. ...he spreads her legs apart, wets her vagina with the end of a screwdriver, slides a light-bulb in and oops... yes it freakin pops inside her. You even see the blood running over the floor."

Red Room 2 (2000)
"There’s vomit drinking, toothbrush insertion up the nasal cavity with more than enough blood squirt, and masturbation. We get to see the robot’s breasts while she rubs her ass up a guy’s crotch. Theirs fighting too of course."

Sector 7 (2011)
"The sea creature that finally shows up in Sector 7 is a complete and utter mess. It has tentacles, a grapple-tongue, a sorta centipede body or something, spikes on its head, a mouth full or teeth (and I do mean full, like they are all around it), a Predator-like mouth opening, and I don't think it had eyes, though. It was garbage!"

Seeding of a Ghost (1983)
"Chau’s luck turns to shit when his wife Irene starts banging a rich dude named Fang. But then she is also raped and killed by two teenaged punks. Fang’s wife gives birth to a tentacle monster!! Her belly bursts! Meat chunks splatter all over the walls as the small crowd in her bedroom watch in horror."

Sex Medusa (2001)
"This naked woman, who used to be a little snake, wanders around town and makes friends with a lonely widower. They have feelings for each other, but he can't make love to her despite her forceful horniness, because he is traumatized by the fact that HE RAN OVER HIS WIFE WHILE DRUNK ONE NIGHT!"

Sexual Parasite: Killer Pussy (2004)
"Mari seduces him with her naked body and soon Namazu (the sexual parasite) shows up, chewing his dick off. She then straddles Hiroshi and bites his face off with her killer pussy. Although you do not see real genitalia we’re treated to some cheap ass CGI abnormality and puppet shit."

Splatter: Naked Blood (1996)
"The glutton is preparing squid tempura when she accidentally nicks her finger on the knife. One thing leads to another and soon she’s naked on the kitchen counter tearing at her vagina with a fork. She pulls out a delicious sliver and hungrily consumes it. She then cuts off one of her taut nipples, plucks her eyeball out with a fork and voraciously devours the morsels."

Star of David: Hunting for Beautiful Girls (1979)
"That raping produced a child, Tatsuya, who grew up to appreciate the Nazi movement and spent his youthful days masturbating to pictures of the Holocaust. He kidnaps a high school girl and tells her that her pussy stinks and that she has to masturbate for him. Machiko is strapped to a table, slathered in butter, and a big German Shepard climbs on top (wait for it...) and LICKS HER BODY, AND YES, HER VAG."

Terror Beneath the Sea (1966)
"Ken and Peggy find an underwater cave and go exploring, which leads to them being surrounded by the fishmen, who's eyes are ridiculously close together and gives them a mongoloid appearance. Dr. Moore explains his plan to rule the world by turning people into cyborg fishmen."

Tumbling Doll of Flesh (1998)
"They tie her up fucking real tight with coarse rope. They whip her and for a taste of kink: give her an enema. Kana awakens tied to the bed. Her legs are spread and her pussy is exposed. One of the directors chops her foot off. She will slowly be dismembered. Kiku is instructed to continue fucking the ‘tumbling doll of flesh’."

Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (2009)
"What follows is an exhausting (not in a good way), and creative bloodbath that features a rib-cage weapon that rips faces apart, live, squirming nails used as bullets, and swords made out of solidified blood."

Whispering Corridors (1998)
"The story goes that a decade earlier there was this lonely fragile girl named Jin-Ju who was harassed by the teachers and mostly ignored by the students. She committed suicide in the old art building of the school. Late one night at the school Mr. Oh gets tangled in a long window drape. The ghost girl stabs him to death and cuts off his ear. "

Whispering Corridors 2 (1999)
[See Memento Mori (1999)]

Women's Flesh: My Red Guts (1999)
"This short film deals with two or possibly three depressed girls, torturing their bodies and committing suicide. The first girl looks at herself in the bathroom mirror and then proceeds to violate her vagina with the end of a toothbrush. Forget a story, forget plot, and just sit down to watch girls mutilate themselves."

X-Cross (2007)
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