posted 00/00/2010

Directed by:
Ishirô Honda

Akira Takarada ... News Reporter Ichiro Sakai
Yuriko Hoshi ... Junko 'Yoka' Nakanishi
Hiroshi Koizumi ... Prof. Miura
Yû Fujiki ... Reporter Jiro Nakamura

Country: Japan
Runtime: 87 min
Original title: Mosura tai Gojira

I have not seen a Godzilla picture in a long time. I found this one hiding in a corner of my DVD shelf and decided to give it a look. This is the last Godzilla film for 20 years to feature him as an evil destructive force. Later on he has come to be known as the protector of Japan. There’s also a goof in the film where Godzilla’s head catches fire which was left in cause it looked so damn cool.

A disastrous typhoon ravages Kurata Beach. The next morning Ichi, a reporter, and his cute female photographer Yoka, are on the scene. She finds a strange, shiny piece of rock in the wreckage. Elsewhere at the fishing village of Shizunoura, a gigantic egg has washed ashore. Kumayama, an entrepreneur, realizes the opportunity and buys the egg from the fishermen. He has plans with Mr. Torahata (his financer) to build an amusement park and display whatever monster hatches from the egg as the main attraction. Two tiny six inch twin women magically appear to these men and ask to return the egg. They also appear to Ichi and the reporters and claim the egg belongs to Mothra. They live on Infant Island that was greatly devastated by nuclear testing. The island people are praying for the safe return of the egg. The reporters try to persuade Kumayama to give up the damn egg but to no avail. The miniature ladies leave with Mothra, who had been cleverly hiding behind some trees.

Suddenly, displacing the first 30 minutes of boredom comes Godzilla bursting out of the earth at Kurata Beach. He destroys an industrial facility with his tail and atomic breath. The reporters go to Infant Island to get Mothra to protect Japan from Godzilla. The villagers are reluctant at first but change their minds after Yoka gives a beautiful speech. The little ladies sing to Mothra and communicate with him telepathically. Mothra agrees to help. Mothra comes just in time because Godzilla is trying to destroy the egg. I believe it is because he hasn’t had breakfast yet. The first of Mothra’s attacks is real cool. She flaps her wings furiously causing hurricane force winds. She then pulls Godzilla away by his tail. Godzilla shoots his atomic breath but Mothra dodges it. Mothra now claws at Godzilla’s head and face knocking him to the ground. She shoots her final weapon at him: a yellow powder that apparently does nothing because Godzilla manages to get Mothra with his atomic breath. She flies away to her egg and covers it with her wing and then she dies.

The military attack Godzilla with tanks, planes, nets, and electricity but he remains unstoppable. Godzilla walks around knocking over more buildings and killing people. Meanwhile the tiny ladies are singing to Mothra’s egg and twin Mothra worms hatch. The worms bite Godzilla’s tail and latch on to it. Then both worms shoot what looks like silly string at Godzilla. After doing this for several minutes Godzilla is completely wrapped in this seemingly strong as hell web. He tumbles and sinks into the ocean. What the army couldn’t do with tanks and missiles the Mothra worms did with silly string, I mean indestructible web of some kind, lol.

Writing this review was more fun than watching the movie. Godzilla doesn’t appear till 30 minutes into the movie. I have to admit that the monster battles were oh so cool and fun to watch. But the rest, the whole other (non monster) story was grade A boring. The reporters were just there to bring Mothra to Godzilla. Mothra should have fought more but I have to give it to those worms for their creative attack. The twin six inch ladies were the stupidest thing I have seen in a movie for a long time. None of the other villagers on Infant Island were tiny. This movie reaps equal parts boredom and fun, maybe more boredom. Proceed at your own risk!

- Jorge Antonio Lopez


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