posted 00/00/2010

Directed by:
Andreas Bethmann

Manila May ... Photo Model
Marc Fehse
Timo Rose
Katharina Herm

Country: Germany
Runtime: 141 min
Original title: Der Todesengel

Oh boy, me and my recent fascination with underground German Splatter has led me to a quite uncomfortable place; or should I say disturbing. While visiting Jose in California I picked up this piece of trash at Amoeba, which has a great selection of obscure films. After watching it at his place I told him he could keep the film.

Andreas Bethmann writes and directs this early sex gore romp. With minimal story, over the top gore and hardcore nudity you’d think I’d enjoy this more. From experience I can tell you that porn star acting is horrible most of the time. The gore isn’t anything to write home about, especially if you’re seasoned gore-hounds like us at Splatter, but it turns out quite good for the budget and even enjoyable at times.

The story is simple. A big breasted blonde model has her car break down. Then she is brutally raped by the two most inept rapists in the world. And then she gets revenge. The rapists are also pimps I believe and they like to torture some of their merchandise. They go around the forests by day picking out couples, to kill the guy and bag the bitch. Our dumbass heroine’s revenge plan includes killing innocent people and masturbating her breasts while watching her best friend get tortured. If you want to see naked German strumpets you will find plenty here, including female genitalia shots. The movie makes no sense unless if by sense you mean random nudity and gore and a nonsensical narrative, if you can even call it that.

I had a bad time watching this crap but nudity and gore helped a bit. I’m going to divulge the ending which is pretty cool. So if you don’t want a spoiler, stop reading now. The protagonist girl thinks she’s almost killed the last rapist. She stands over him naked so he can get a good look at her pussy as he dies on the ground. She says something like "Take a look at something you will never see again." Or some crap like that. But then to her surprise and my delight he shoots a bullet up her vaginal orifice and out her head killing her instantly; not a bad ending at all.

If you’re getting into German Splatter I recommend Olaf Ittenbach (he actually does special effects work for the 2008 sequel to this film which includes the aged sex-exploitation Goddess Lina Romay). Bethmann has continued making exploitation stuff and I’m curious to see how he has evolved. It can’t possibly be any worse than this.

- Jorge Antonio Lopez


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