posted 00/00/2008

Directed by:
Andrea Bianchi

Karin Well ... Janet
Gianluigi Chirizzi ... Mark
Simone Mattioli ... James
Antonella Antinori ... Leslie

Country: Italy
Runtime: 85 min
Original title: Le notti del terrore
AKA: Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror

The story starts with an unkempt long bearded guy looking through some books in his library and announcing that he has learned the secret. This is our archaeologist, Professor Ayres, played by Raimondo Barbieri. He then wanders around an underground crypt until he inadvertently (I presume) unleashes several zombies that kill him. Later on at a nearby villa/mansion, (where the Professor lived ) three couples, one with a young son with a disturbing face (Because they cast a 30yr old to play a 10yr old boy, you’ll see why…) crash the place for a retreat of fun and relaxation. Zombie’s spring up and proceed to throw their own party! That’s the main plot.

Now, things start to get fun. The young boy’s name is Michael, played by Peter Bark, a much older man with a childlike frame. This was done so that a sexual scene with a minor could be done. First Michael wanders into the bedroom of one of the other couples and watches them get intimate, very intimate. The big shocker with this character, (something that still packs a punch today) happens towards the end when the zombie’s apparently have the surviving few trapped and Michael presses against his mother as she holds him to her breast. A few scenes ago the boy got fresh and tried to touch his mother’s breast. Then later on a zombie killed him. So the Michael that she holds is none other than a zombie. Evelyn (Michael’s mother) played by Mariangela Giordano is so heartbroken with her son’s death and when he returns, even as a zombie, she lets him get fresh with her and offers him milk to his mouth. Yes a zombie boy sucks warm milk from his mother's brest then bites and yanks a chunk of breast off her! This folks is the reason I watch movies. The crazier or more unpredictable the better.

Most of the characters are killed off by disembowelment or other cruel ways. Other cool things to watch out for are when a bunch of zombies organize to smash the door to the mansion using a battering ram. And towards the end an "abandoned" monastery is actually inhabited by monk zombies similar looking to the zombies in the Blind Dead films. Also, in the beginning, the light bulbs on a chandelier pop all by themselves. I didn't know that zombies caused this type of thing? I must include this quote: "Mama, this cloth smells of death." - young Michael after finding a cloth on a bush.

I did have a good time with this one but not a great time. The story moves slow, and although you do have interesting things to keep you going it could tire you out. The gore scenes are always nice, but here done very cheaply and not very convincing in some parts. They had the idea but the gore could have been done nicer. Now the zombies were great and the breast scene was sweet but I had read so much hype about this one that it left me wanting more. I would definitely watch it again with friends but never by myself. I highly recommend this one because you will be entertained and I don’t think there is anywhere else you can see what I just described above!

- Jorge Antonio Lopez


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