posted 00/00/2009

Directed by:
Jesus Franco

Ursula Buchfellner ... Laura Crawford
Al Cliver ... Peter Weston
Antonio Mayans ... Jack
Antonio de Cabo ... Thomas

Country: Spain, France, West Germany
Runtime: 102 min
Original title: Sexo caníbal
Aka: Mandingo Manhunter,
The Man Hunter

Here’s another Jesus Franco jungle/cannibal picture and it really isn’t that bad. Al Cliver plays Peter Weston (the hero). Cliver also played the hero in Franco’s Cannibals. Warning: this movie contains a lot of nudity and a surprisingly large amount of full frontal male genitalia. If you take it all in stride you will have a good time with this goofy picture.

Actress/model Laura Crawford is abducted from her apartment while taking a sponge bath. Then for reasons unknown they take her to an isolated island inhabited by a cannibal tribe. The perfect hideout maybe? There are four kidnappers in total Chris is a paranoid idiot. Thomas is a horny old man and Jane is his girlfriend. Then we have Pablito whom might not be fully involved in this but acts as a jungle guide. The kidnappers want six million dollars in ransom. Laura’s manager sends Vietnam vet badass Peter Weston (Cliver) to negotiate along with his young sidekick Jack. Meanwhile on the island a sacrificial ritual is being performed and the black devil god eats his victim. In fact he is the only real cannibal here. The tribe just finds him female victims to feast on. He is a hulking young black man with protruding bloody eyes and goes about fully nude.

Peter arrives by helicopter and during the exchange there is a shoot out with the kidnappers. They have to ditch the copter, it explodes and they land in the water. Laura manages to escape, poor traumatized girl was raped by old man Thomas the previous night. Pablito is looking for her but instead finds Chris hanging from a tree. His severed head falls down and scares him. Peter and Jack find a boat by the beach with a beautiful naked woman inside. She explains to them about the cannibal tribe, female sacrifices and the black devil god, which is just a black guy with crazy eyes running around naked. He is still pretty muscular and scary, and is a cannibal of course. Meanwhile Laura gets captured by the tribe and they prepare her to be the next sacrifice. This includes naked girls helping her bathe under a waterfall. You know, just to get her real squeaky clean. Later they rub oil on her boobs and flowers over her body. The cannibal priestess also performs sexy nude dancing by a totem pole. Later the devil god kills Jack on the boat as he’s getting busy with the chick. Pablito falls into a trap, a pit with spikes, and the devil god kills and eats Jane.

A bit later by the beach Peter wrestles with Thomas and kills him by bashing his head into a stone. The devil god unties Laura and throws her over his shoulder and carries her to the mountain top. Peter hurries to save her climbing the perilous mountain. The final battle between Peter and the cannibal devil god is short but sweet. Since the devil god doesn’t believe in clothing, not even a loin cloth, there’s an abundance of flapping penis as the two men fight each other. Finally Peter tosses the muscular giant over the cliff and he lies splattered below.

I liked this movie quite a bit. It did have several slow parts of people just walking around a jungle scene but the craziness made it all worth while. You have to see the devil god in action to get my point. Here we have a huge, muscular man with weird bulging bloody eyes killing and eating people. There is a minimum of gore which is too bad but we get plenty of beautiful boobies and hairy snatch close ups (under the careful direction of exploitation pro, Franco) to delight even the most jaded of exploitation film fans. I recommend you see this one. Its enjoyable.

- Jorge Antonio Lopez


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