posted 00/00/2009

Directed by:
Jean Brismée

Erika Blanc ... Lisa Müller
Jean Servais ... Baron von Rhoneberg
Daniel Emilfork ... Satan
Jacques Monseau ... Father Alvin

Country: Belgium, Italy
Runtime: 95 min
Original title: La plus longue nuit du diable
AKA: Castle of Death
Nightmare of Terror
The Devil Walks at Midnight
The Devil's Longest Night
Vampire Playgirls

This is one of those Euro gothic tales that involves a creepy castle and a pact with the devil. I am not a fan of this type of stuff. I find it boring and dull but since it was one of the several films in a bargain box I had purchased a while ago I decided to give it a go.

A group of tourists seek shelter in a creepy castle inhabited by a Baron whose ancestor had made a pact with the devil. Every generation’s first born female will become a succubus, a diabolical demon temptress of men. It just so happens that the tour bus is full of victims that will die committing one of the seven mortal sins.

The succubus takes turns seducing and tempting each of the party, leading them to die in mortal sin. Howard cheats on his wife with another woman in the group. His wife drowns in a sea of gold, trying to steal the castle’s gold treasure. Foster, the tour guide, who is a glutton, is led into an overeating mishap by our temptress. The only one that can resist is the young seminarian, priest in the making, Alvin.

In the end the young soon to be priest makes a pact with the devil (something you should never do) to give up the souls of the six that had been taken that night and take him instead. This is a bad move for in the morning the tour bus gets into an accident on its way out of the castle killing the six members inside anyway, and the priest is made a prisoner of the devil and his succubus.

What a stupid priest. He should know that you should never bargain with the devil. The deaths were somewhat interesting and the gothic tone worked as best as it could. I don’t recommend this film because it was still a waste of my time and will probably be of yours too.

- Jorge Antonio Lopez


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