posted 00/00/2009

Directed by:
Bruno Gantillon

Dominique Delpierre ... Morgane
Alfred Baillou ... Gurth
Mireille Saunin ... Françoise
Régine Motte ... Yael

Country: France
Runtime: 79 min
Original title: Morgane et ses nymphes

The title alone drew me in. This is an erotic French fairytale from the early seventies. Having just recently watched Franco’s Macumba Sexual this was a pleasant substitute. I’d delved into a few sexploitation flicks and this is one of my favorites.

The French witch Morgana Le Fay has lived seemingly forever in her magical castle with a hunchback dwarf (that wears make-up), Gurth, and of course her girl slaves. Francoise and Anna are two beautiful college girls on some sort of a road trip when their car runs out of gas near the enchanted forest surrounding the castle. They find an abandoned barn and spend the night there after some lesbian foreplay in the hay, which is quite beautiful to witness. When Francoise wakes she can’t seem to find her friend Anna. She runs into Gurth who leads her through the forest to a magical boat that will take her to Morgana’s castle.

The horny old dwarf likes to watch the girl slave orgies (who wouldn’t?) and we are treated to one. After Francoise arrives the girl slaves bathe her and prepare her for dinner with Morgana. Morgana tells her that she should live forever because she is beautiful. Francoise smokes a hookah with one of the slaves and Morgana leans in to kiss her. Meanwhile Anna is tied up in the dungeon where they hold orgies and initiation rites and other things. Anna is being initiated there. She gives up her soul in exchange for immortal beauty and immortality as a girl slave. Mingled with the spectators are a group of elderly women. They represent the captured girls that refused the initiation and have now grown old. They are kept in the dungeon as well to dissuade new prospects from denying Morgana. Francoise hears a scream during the night and tries to escape but Morgana is one step ahead of her and leads her back. The three main girl slaves (or favored lovers to Morgana) are jealous of Francoise and concoct a plan along with Gurth to help Francoise escape. During a lavish party in the dungeon with wine, dancing and an orgy Francoise meets Anna who is now a slave. Francoise then proceeds to have some fun of her own. She follows a girl slave to her bedroom for a private session of intense lesbian sex.

Francoise has managed to steal two of the three talismans (with the help of some girl slaves) necessary to escape the witch’s magic realm. The first talisman is a tunic that renders her invisible. The second is a necklace that gives her power over the boat. She is missing the topaz globe but that’s ok because Gurth gives her his magic ring. By this time Gurth has been revealed as a traitor and is tied up somewhere in the castle. Francoise takes the ring that when tapped near a log by where the boat drops her off summons a horse (I kid you not) to take her back to the mortal realm of reality. She follows Gurth’ s instruction and is taken away by the horse and dropped off somewhere by a cemetery. There she sees an old women and is compelled to return to Morgana, calling out her name. She yearns for eternal beauty. Morgana quickly finds her and takes her back in time to the barn where Anna and her had Lesbian relations in the hay. She peacefully looks through the window at the scene and the film ends.

This is my kind of fairytale. All the magical elements are perfectly blended with eroticism to produce a sumptuous feast for the viewer. You can’t go wrong with two lesbian friends who stumble upon a lesbian witch with countless girl slaves in an enchanted castle. I highly recommend this movie.

  - Jorge Antonio Lopez


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