posted 00/00/2009

Directed by:
Jesus Franco

Ajita Wilson ... Princesa Obongo
Lina Romay ... Alice Brooks
Antonio Mayans ... Novio de Alice
Lorna Green ... Amapola

Country: Spain
Runtime: 80 min

Can there be such a thing as too much nudity? In my humble opinion yes. For me when a horror movie is sprinkled with random scenes of nudity I am fine with it. What I do not enjoy is a pornographic film claiming to be a horror tale. The nudity here is far beyond gratuitous and it came to a point where it stopped being novel. If I wanted porn I could easily find it on the net damn it. I have decided to leave the sexploitation sub-genre up for when Jose or myself unintentionally or intentionally review one of these guilty pleasures. I’m a torn man!

Macumba is supposedly a male sex deity. He gives sexual power and strength to the love goddess that roams the earth: Princess Tara Obongo, played by Ajita Wilson (a transsexual who began life as a man). Tara is also known to be The Goddess of Unspeakable Lust. Princess Obongo transmits sexual nightmares upon young Alice Brooks, played by Franco’s main squeeze, Lina Romay. (In case you don’t already know Jesus Franco is the director of this and many other sexploitation and horror films.) The goddess sees in Alice a possible successor.

Romay is fully naked 90 percent of the film. I just thought you guys should know that. Back to the story. Alice is vacationing at some beach place with her husband who is a novelist. On almost every night she has the same nightmare. You can see her writhing her beautiful full body around in bed in ecstasy. In the dream she sees Tara. She describes her as being a tall, beautiful, dark skinned lady walking with two beasts by her side. One is a man named Tulip and the female is named Poppy. They are wearing dog collars and chains. Then the goddess lets loose the creatures. They pounce on Alice and Tara dies. Alice is a realtor and she gets a call during her vacation from her boss. Princess Obongo, who lives on a nearby island, wants to buy a house. On her way to the place she stops at a hotel and she meets the horny, retarded looking receptionist played by Franco. He warns her about the evil goddess and not to travel there or she will die. Alice shrugs this off and the next morning is taken by camel, through the desert, to the home of the goddess. When they finally meet up Tara eyes Alice seductively and introduces her to her human slaves (also fully naked). They lead Alice to her room for the evening. At this point we see Tara walking her pets through the desert. She draws something in the sand and produces a small white statue. After performing fellatio on it her slaves stick it in her vagina and lick her tits until she goes crazy. The next morning they all meet up again with Alice inside the house and have an orgy. Not surprisingly, Alice is barely reluctant to this behavior. A few days later we see Alice back at the vacation house with her husband. Could it have all been a dream? Maybe not because her husband is typing Tara’s name repeatedly on his typewriter. The goddess also calls for him. When he gets there they have an orgy with the slaves and they put a dog collar on him and stick him in a cage.

Alice then runs across the desert looking for the Princess’ mansion. When she gets there she’s enticed to have lesbian sex AGAIN, but this time is different. Tara makes Alice the new princess Obongo by a sacred intercourse involving the magical white statue used as a dildo. She transfers all of her magic to Alice. They continue having lesbian sex until Tara dies with Alice’s head busy between her legs. Then Alice is back in her own bed. Was it all a nightmare or has Alice somehow now become the new Goddess of Unspeakable Lust? Do we really care?

It all started when Jose reviewed Female Vampire and I saw a gorgeous picture of Lina Romay. I admit I wanted to see her naked. Mission accomplished. A horror story this is not, and I convinced myself to view this hearing that the goddess wanted to imbue Alice and her husband with evil powers to conquer the world. Fuck that! There is none of that here only orgy after orgy. I can only recommend this film if you want to see Romay naked and cream your jeans.

  - Jorge Antonio Lopez


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