posted 00/00/2008

Directed by:
Sergio Martino

Ursula Andress ... Susan Stevenson
Stacy Keach ... Professor Edward Foster
Claudio Cassinelli ... Manolo
Antonio Marsina ... Arthur Weisser

Country: Italy
Runtime: 99 min
Original title: La montagna del dio cannibale
AKA: Prisoner of the Cannibal God,
Slave of the Cannibal God

We have on our hands here an Italian cannibal movie. Cannibal films may be seen as a relevant subgenre and they all seem to promise to be more shocking than the last. The Mountain of the Cannibal God starts off with a proposition to venture into the jungle in search of a missing person. This is the beginning of almost all cannibal movies but one hopes for a different experience each time. Trust me, the third act is full of surprises.

Susan and her brother Arthur are adamant about setting up an expedition to find Susan’s husband who is presumed to have gone missing on a research trip to New Guinea. They are assigned a reliable jungle guide, Professor Edward Foster. Foster is also a close friend of Susan’s husband and believes that he might have gone to an island with a mysterious mountain where vicious cannibals may still roam. Later we become aware that Foster had ventured to that mountain himself and narrowly escaped the cannibals. Arthur is a nuisance throughout the film. He slaps his sister and gets punched by Foster on more than one occasion. He has a retarded serious look on his face and acts like a spineless coward. I wanted to smash his skull against a jagged rock myself. They take a helicopter ride to the jungle and plan to use a raft to get to the cursed mountain island five miles away.

On their trek we witness several bizarre events like a sacrificial lizard killing. The natives aiding the party kill and rip the large lizard apart eating it’s flesh as an offering to the nature god. There are also a lot of animal versus animal scenes which occur away from the main film and were probably added just for shock value. One of the most disturbing ones is a large snake with a small monkey’s head in it’s mouth. You see the snake bite harder and the monkey’s head is almost destroyed, still moving its eyes and blinking. With it’s hands it tries to pry the mouth open. Later one man has his arm bitten off by an alligator, which doesn’t look too bad. One of the mountain cannibals whacks a guys head off with a perfect swing. When a cannibal attacks Susan a mysterious man, Manolo, rescues her. He takes the party to a friendly village led by a missionary priest.

We are there only long enough to witness two cool scenes. A hot, native girl enters Arthur’s hut and removes her top exposing beautiful milk chocolate breasts. She climbs on him to get it on but is harpooned right there by a mountain cannibal. The other is a drink that the women in the tribe make. It is made by crushing certain herbs in a stone bowl then spitting a large amount of saliva into it then mixing it some more. We are told that when these herbs come in contact with saliva the chemical reaction converts it into a potent liquor. They do drink of this. If you see the amount of saliva that is spat into this drink your stomach would cringe as did mine.

Lets fast forward to the good shit. Susan, Manolo, and Arthur make it to the cannibal village at the top of the mountain of the cannibal god. The cannibal god turns out to be the preserved corpse of Susan’s late husband that these crazy guys worship. Arthur is killed and eaten and after a lot of craziness; Susan and Manolo manage to escape. It's ludicrous(!!), they freaking tip toe out while the thirty something cannibals sleep.

Here comes the REAL good stuff. This all takes place in the third act within the cannibal’s mountain cave. They plan to make Susan a goddess so the first logical step is to tie her up and strip her completely nude. What do you think the next logical step is? Well, they bring in two topless native girls to apply what appears to be tanning lotion allover her body. The "shy" Ursula Andress allows us plenty of boob shots including the native girls running their oily hands over her tits, but we only see her golden pie fluff from the side.

Now for some incredibly pointless reason the entire cannibal tribe goes sexually insane. The director focuses on two scenes. The first is of a nude, once again completely nude, native girl masturbating. She is laying on her back on a flat stone and the camera is by her knees. It catches her spreading her legs open and you not only see a dark forest but you see it ALL beneath the veil of hairs as she proceeds to finger herself. The next sexually charged scene is of a boy having intercourse with a pig. The pig squeals crazily!

While the tribe is sleeping, recovering from their lust orgies a cannibal unties Susan and tries to rape her. He is caught and has his penis chopped off. You get a full frontal shot of the action. I thought this was done extremely well. After the severed dick scene the cannibals decide to throw a snake eating party. They have an area where they harvest thin green snakes. They eat away like savages.

I totally did not expect this much sex, and this much animal cruelty (though not nearly as much as Cannibal Holocaust). If they would have put more work in the gore and gotten better actors this might have been a great film. Excuse me but Ursula looks like a ghost. Why doesn’t she paint on some eyebrows for god’s sake. If they took out all the boobs, and pies this movie would have been one coffin. I did not care for the animal cruelty. I kind of liked the off-beat story. So, if you still want to see what’s on top of the cannibal mountain, grab your gear and follow me, I’ll be your guide!

- Jorge Antonio Lopez


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