posted 00/00/2008

Directed by:
Jörg Buttgereit

Bernd Daktari Lorenz ... Robert Schmadtke
Beatrice Manowski ... Betty
Harald Lundt ... Bruno
Colloseo Schulzendorf ... Joe

Country: West Germany
Runtime: 75 min

As I stepped out the door on a sunny Friday morning to get the mail I was eagerly praying for the DVD I had ordered to be there. Nekromantik was there to greet me! Late at night I turned off all the lights and braced myself for underground German Horror at it’s best. The word on the street (on the net and among my friends) was that this movie was extremely gross, gruesome, and heavy with graphic depictions of necrophilic activity. Well, it was somewhat bloody and the sex scenes with the rotting corpse were blurred with a freaking filter. The whole idea of these two characters being necrophiliacs appeared ridiculous and dumb. Their erotic foreplay with the corpse often appeared silly. Another fault with the film was several long boring scenes with no soundtrack.

Robert Schmadtke lives with his girlfriend Betty in a meager apartment. They are a weird couple into collecting body parts, mostly eyes, and bathing in animal blood. Since Robert works for a street cleaning agency that collects bodies that have been in accidents he is soon presented with an opportunity to bring home more than eyeballs. One evening he brings Betty home a surprise. Inside a black plastic bag is a full rotting corpse. They rip open the bag right there and begin to make love to the corpse. I think to myself that if this corpse is like three weeks to a month old due to the decomposition wouldn’t it reek to high heaven?

Due to an altercation with a co-worker Robert looses his job. Betty acts like a bitch and leaves him, taking the corpse and her hot little tits with her. Robert starts to have flashbacks of his father (I can only presume) killing and skinning a rabbit. I guess we are meant to believe that because of this he now gets hard when he’s around the dead. To cope with the loss of his bitch girlfriend he goes to the movies and kills a cat and bathes in its blood and meats. With this not being enough he takes a prostitute to a graveyard, kills her and well... you can imagine the rest.

Robert then decides to mix pills with alcohol and hallucinate about his father killing the same rabbit. He is also running through a field, jumping for joy, for god knows what reason. This goes on for several minutes but it leads to an unforgettable ending.

Jörg Buttgereit certainly tried to make the most unpleasant and disturbing film but the budget became a problem. Similar to many of our U.S. shot on video splatter films one has to suspend belief and get down to that level where it can actually affect us. I guess my hopes were through the roof and this often ruins a film experience cause no matter how great a film, it can never satisfy the preconceived ideal. With this being said I plan to revisit Nekromantik in the future and watch it for what it is, another fun splatter picture. But for now I think one coffin will suffice.

- Jorge Antonio Lopez


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