PIECES (1982)
posted 00/00/2008

Directed by:
Juan Piquer Simón

Christopher George ... Det. Lt. Bracken
Frank Braña ... Det. Sgt. Holden
Lynda Day George ... Mary Riggs
Paul L. Smith ... Willard

Country: USA |Spain |Puerto Rico
Runtime: 76 min
Original title: Mil gritos tiene la noche
AKA: One Thousand Cries Has the Night

This was a fun chainsaw-killer movie. I had heard of it a while back, and now I finally got a chance to see it. Granted most of the stuff seen here is standard fare for die-hard horror fans but watching slasher films like these, in their prime, is enjoyable. I would give anything to have the slasher-movie streak reborn now as good as it was in the 80‘s and 90‘s. There are still some around but most of them are crappy and I miss the unique flavor of the early slasher films. But there are still plenty of hidden gems from the past to explore, keeping us busy.

We open on a young 10yr old kid piecing together a nudie puzzle on the floor of his bedroom. His mother walks in from behind and freaks out, destroying the puzzle and most of the room. She asks him for a bag. He returns with an axe. He whacks her good a couple of times in the head then saws up her body into pieces. The police find him hiding helplessly in the closet and move him to live with an aunt.

Forty years later... yes I said forty. This would make our killer probably one of the oldest slashers around. He had to have been fifty! He might not move as fast as a younger man but he’s darn handy with that chainsaw. So now this college is in the midst of the killer’s wrath. The police have an undercover cop and a bozo sex stud (Kendall) patrol the place for clues. Kendall, the stud rises out of bed in one scene, nude from a sex session. Let me just warn you that one catches a glimpse of his little friend half risen as well. As disturbing as this might be the film evens things out later by showing us some sweet pie and many topless scenes that are truly delightful.

Our chainsaw wielding hero does a darn good job of cutting things up. There are a couple of chainsaw beheadings, an arm sliced off, and other cool gruesome shots. The gore by no means was great, but it does satisfy quite well. As the body count rises the urgency to catch the killer does so as well. The movie shoots for a modest who-dunnit but one might be able to put the pieces together. I will keep the killer a secret though, but I will divulge the following. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the killer is piecing together a woman from body parts, and you do get to see the creation. The last thing that happens after the mangled woman corpse is revealed is funny and strange. I have seen many movies go this route towards then end. Personally I think it’s cool but I wouldn’t add it if it were my horror film. I will leave you to decide.

- Jorge Antonio Lopez


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