posted 00/00/2009

Directed by:
Mario Bianchi

Jacqueline Dupré ... Miria
Mariangela Giordano ... Solo
Aldo Sambrell ... Antonio Aguilar
Joe Davers

Country: Italy
Runtime: 75 min
Original title: La bimba di Satana
Aka: A Girl for Satan

Directed by Alan Cools (Mario Bianchi undercover), this moderately interesting sexploitation shocker about possession is at times boring and bizarre, but it somehow managed to cast a spell over me that kept me watching. Maybe it was the abundance of Italian boobies? Or maybe it was, no, it was mainly the boobies.

Miria has just lost her mother, and her father is worried that she will be traumatized for life. She lives in an opulent Italian mansion with a nun that likes to sleep semi-nude and some other random people who I imagine are family members. One night, she is awakened by her mother's voice and wanders around the house in a daze. She watches a man writhe on the floor and bite off a chicken's head, then finds her way to her mother's dead body laid out in a cave of some kind and it slowly starts to possess her. Her family wants to commit her to an institution for a month so she can get the rest and care she needs to get over her mother's death, but she refuses. That night, her doctor is preparing the corpse of her mother for the burial, when the mother comes to life and seduces the doctor only to have him stab himself to death with a needle full of something or other. The family, unbeknownst to Miria, decides to get rid of the body and pretend nothing happened.

The next night Miria's uncle Isidro (at least I think he was the uncle) goes into the family crypt and grabs a desiccated mummy. He starts shaking his hands over the rotting body, presumably performing some kind of black magic ritual to rid Miria of the spirit of Satan, who he believes has taken over her body. She starts to feel the effects and strips naked and starts to masturbate until her mother's voice reaches her from beyond the grave and forces her to stop the funny business and go down into the crypt to kill Isidro. She walks down there and instead of killing him herself, the mummy that he was flailing his hands over gets up and strangles him to death. Then her father takes his paraplegic brother down into the crypt and locks him up in a cage because he found out that his late wife was blowing him. Miria shows up and turns into her mother. She lures the brother up out of his wheelchair and causes him to fall into a well and die.

The father then storms into the nun's room and tells her that he knows that she and his wife got it on! Apparently, Miria's mom was an equal-opportunity whore. He drags the nun down the stairs and throws her into the crypt as well. He goes back to his room, shoots some heroine, and tries to get some sleep. But Miria's mom appears (naked) and seduces him. We flashback to the night that she died and find out that her husband murdered her. We return to the seduction and he realizes that he is getting busy with his daughter! He freaks out and runs away, then sees his wife chasing him and falls over a railing and smashes his head on the ground below. Miria goes to where the nun is and tries to get with her, now that everyone who stood in their way is gone. But she refuses to use Miria's body as a vessel and commands Miria's mom to take her body and leave the girl alone. She dies in the arms of her lesbian lover's corpse and in the end we aren't really sure if Miria is free of her controlling mother or not.

There is a disturbing paraplegic jerk-off scene when the nun gives Miria's wheelchair bound uncle a sponge bath and there are a lot of other ridiculous things in this movie that make no sense. But then again it is a foreign film, and it actually isn't that bad. It's relatively short, clocking in at 73 minutes, and it manages to usually be entertaining, or at the very least titillating. If you like your possession horror movies with some boobies and a bit of foreign weirdness, then you'll dig this movie. If you want plot and sense and fully dressed women then go somewhere else.

- Jose Prendes


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