posted 00/00/2008

Directed by:
Vidal Raski

Torben Bille ... Olaf the Dwarf
Anne Sparrow ... Mary, Wife
Tony Eades ... Peter, Husband
Clara Keller ... Lila Lash

Country: Denmark, USA
Runtime: 92 min
Original title: Dværgen

Dwarves are great, but perverted pimp dwarves are even better! This little gem is probably the sleaziest movie I've ever seen, and it will leave you needing a shower. Odds are you've never heard of it. Well, that's because its Danish and relatively hard to find. But if you consider yourself an exploitation completist like myself, then you owe it to yourself to shake hands with Olaf, the sinful dwarf of the title and the person who will probably make you weary of little people for the rest of your life.

Much has been said about how depraved and messed-up-in-the-head this movie is, and I would have to agree. The plot is simple enough. Olaf is a creepy dwarf guy who runs a boarding house kind of thing with his bat-shit crazy mother. But behind the scenes, the boarding house is merely a cover for a den of drugged-up girls who are being held against their wills in the attic and are pimped out by Olaf the sinful dwarf. But then a young couple moves into the house and the wife starts snooping around Olaf's demented meat market, so there are no other options but to find a way to deal with her. It appears that dirty little Olaf might get a new girl for his harem.

Released in 1973 and directed by Vidal Raski, this crazy little grindhouse oddity is just that. What makes the film work in my mind is Olaf himself, played sickeningly by Torben Bille (not to be confused with Tobin Bell of Saw fame). Olaf is unlike any dwarf ever seen on screen before. Actually, he comes pretty close to what most of us dumbasses imagine dwarves to be like in real life. He's an oily, unlikable character with a shit-eating grin plastered to his big face. If you watch closely, you can tell that that little guy really gets a kick out of torturing the poor, naked, and drugged-out hostage girls. The rest of the cast is forgettable, but he isn't. That greasy bastard will be with me forever now. And he'll stick with you, too, if you ever manage to get your hands on a copy of this little shucked oyster.

If you consider yourself a fan of bizarro films, especially foreign odd-jobs, then this film will be right up your alley. However, let me say that if you would rather not hate dwarves the world over or plan to visit Scandinavia any time soon, then stay away. This sour little note is creepy and hard to watch, but it's definitely not one to be missed. It's not too gory, or violent, but it sure is disturbing and hey, who doesn't like to see sleazy perverted dwarves whip people while they laugh maniacally and their big, messed-up teeth stick out at you?

- Jose Prendes


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