posted 00/00/2011

Directed by:
Andrea Bianchi

Edwige Fenech ... Magda Cortis
Nino Castelnuovo ... Carlo Bianchi
Femi Benussi ... Lucia Cerrazini
Solvi Stubing ... Patrizia

Country: Italy
Runtime: 98 min
Original title: Nude per l'assassino

Strip Nude for your Killer is one of my favorite exploitation movie titles; a couple of others would have to be Porno Holocaust and Werewolf in a Women’s Prison. Time and again these lurid titles draw me in, yet disappoint for the most part. Holocaust is atrocious and Werewolf is sitting on my shelf for future viewing. I really like Andrea Bianchi, which directed this film. He has also done Night Child, which I love, and Burial Ground which was good fun. Both films are reviewed on this site. I had high hopes for this film.

We open with a shot of a man between a woman’s legs. Evelyn is having an abortion. Things fuck up, she has a stroke, and dies. The gynecologist calls up his close friend Carlo to take the body to the dead woman’s house, place her in the bathtub and make it look like she died of natural causes. Carlo is a fashion photographer who has no problem banging the model’s. He runs into Lucia at a public pool and follows her around taking pictures of her ass. He wants her to model for him. He then talks her into the sauna, takes her clothes off and porks her. Throughout the film Carlo gets more pussy than a toilet seat! The gynecologist soon turns up murdered by someone in a black motorcycle get-up, with the helmet and all and now we have the foundation for a giallo.

Carlo works at Albatross modeling agency. Gisella runs the place. The movie plays like a sleazy drama instead of a giallo. We get to meet the staff; photographers, models, and they are all sexually warped. Gisella is bisexual and cheats on her fat husband Maurizio with the fresh meat, Lucia. Maurizio lusts after Doris and although we see all the women in sex scenes it becomes bland after a while. The killer proceeds to knife down the staff at Albatross and involve us in painfully boring “suspense” scenes. I felt as if my body were disemboweling itself while watching the many drab, ill paced, poorly lit sequences. I’m glad all the women were either fully naked or showing boob or this movie would have suffered a red death coffin. So yeah … people die and Carlo and Magda, who does something or other at the agency, start to figure something out between fuck sessions.

There is only one decent kill scene in which the woman has her breast cut off, and a guy, his dick. The cutting is off-screen, we just see the mutilated corpse. There are also detectives who are on the case but they add nothing to the investigation and are just written into the script for padding. The acting is average 70’s sleaze fare and the directing is crap. When you find out who the killer is and his/her motive there is really no reason why the body count need be that high. This is one of the worst giallos I have seen. Somebody needs to tell Bianchi that just because your Italian doesn’t mean you can make a good giallo. He is good at working the debauchery angle but not much else. Although the title is enticing I would suggest you skip this one.

- Jorge Antonio Lopez


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