BACK IN BLACK....FRANK BLACK THAT IS: An interview with cult cinema icon Lance Henriksen.

At the 2009 Saturn Awards (their 35th year, believe it or not) I got a once in a lifetime chance to meet one of Splatter's favorite horror genre character actors, Lance Henriksen. The man is a god to Jorge, who was kicking himself that I was the one who got to meet him. This is the man behind the cyborg Bishop in Aliens, the vengeance-seeking father Ed Harley in Pumpkinhead (reviewed on this site) and its myriad sequels, plus hundreds of other memorable big and little screen appearances. He is, however, most remembered and inextricably linked to the character of Frank Black from Fox's and X-Files producer Chris Carter's short-lived FBI vs. the end of the world TV series Millennium, and the way he talks about it he wouldn't have it any other way.

JOSE: I have to tell you, my buddy Jorge is a huge fan of Millennium so when we're done with this, I'm going to call him up and tell him we got an interview with you and he'll probably start crying because he wasn't here.

LANCE: Well, I'm happy to meet you, man.

JOSE: Good, good. So, looking back, what are your thoughts on that series?

LANCE: There's a movement underfoot now to do the Millennium film, a big one. I mean look on I would love to do it because a lot of time has gone by since then, and I have a feeling that a lot of fans would like it. I think we have a built-in audience. So I'd be there, man. I'd kick ass. You know, it's a lot of work to do a television series but there's an incredible ease when doing a movie and to revisit that character in a film would be like cutting a diamond. I mean I would have a real good time doing that.

JOSE: Speaking of doing movies, you've done a ton of horror films and you've come to the Saturns to receive the Life Career Award, so have you had a moment today to think back on your impressive resume?

LANCE: You know, the stuff I've done is very romantic stuff, as opposed to the stuff that's going on now. I just did one called Cyrus but they had no budget. A lot of the horror films, their budgets are so low that these guys are just scraping to get it done. To make it happen the best it can be. So I've done some of those and they are "Alimony Films" but I honestly believe that horror is going to have a resurgence when it gets over the buckets of blood and they get back to telling stories.

JOSE: What is your favorite horror movie? Do you have one?

LANCE: Oh shit, there's so many of them, man. Oh, wait, yeah I do. 30 Days of Night. That's my favorite. Oh, that director is good. It's just beautiful. If they ever do a sequel, I'd be in it in a heartbeat.

JOSE: So what's coming up for you next? What can we expect before Frank Black's possible returns?

LANCE: I have a movie coming out called Beautiful Wave, where I play a surfer/ex-Vietnam vet. Really good stuff. It's a real good movie. And I got a movie that I helped write and I'm going to star in called Independence, it's a good one, too. We start shooting August 30th, 2009.

JOSE: I know you have to jet off to the awards ceremony but could you give my friend Jorge a little shout-out, he'd shit his pants.

LANCE: Hey, Mr. Lopez, sorry you weren't here man. I wanted to shake your sweaty hand.

JOSE: His hand would have definitely been sweaty. Thanks for the chat, Lance, and good luck with the return of Frank Black.

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