The writer/director of Zombiegeddon & Dead In Love shares with you his top ten horror films that you've probably never heard of. I know there is one on there that we at SS really appreciate. You'll notice the themes of "low budget" and "cheesy", and that's how we like'em!

CHRIS: Some are on there just because they were on my mind recently, but here's something:

1. Rubber: I love movies that are simply absurd and this one didn’t let me down. It also earns points for the inclusion of Wings Hauser (and the fact he gets the best line).

2. Monster Man: It may be wrong to include one from a Strictly Splatter creator, but this one has been on the top of my list since I saw it (and how I started talking to said creator). I’m not sure how to explain the appeal of this one, but I’ve shown it to dozens of friends who always enjoy it. The film simply puts me in an unexplainable trance. It also features a few B-movie notables, including the legendary Conrad Brooks.

3. Psycho Sleepover: Mental patients escape and wreak havoc on a sleepover — the catch is that the sleepover is filled with psychotic young women. The movie is over-the-top insanity that is consistently entertaining. It also stars Roddy Piper’s daughter.

4. Hell Comes to Frogtown: Roddy Piper is embarrassed by this classic film. It’s just so campy and absurd that I can’t help but love it. Look at it as a comedy and the movie becomes a real treat.

5. Return to Frogtown: While many have seen the original, I never hear anyone talk about this one. Once again absurd, but this time with Robert Z’Dar, Denice Duff, and Lou Ferrigno. It’s so ridiculous it’s awesome.

6. Invasion of the Bee Girls: Ultra-campy classic starring one of my fav’s , William Smith.

7. Werewolf in a Women’s Prison: A campy women in prison movie with a werewolf thrown in from the underrated Jeff Leroy.

8. Don’t Go in the Woods...Alone!: James Bryan takes the standard slasher flick and twists it with enough original moments that it’s impossible to resist. The wheelchair scene should be considered a classic moment in cinema.

9. Bloodsucking Freaks: Joel M. Reed created a gleefully disturbing film that is impossible to forget. It also features a classic dwarf performance!

10. Toxic Avenger: I have a soft spot for this one. It’s just so entertaining and campy that I’m able to watch it again and again. With all the Fabio superheroes out there, it’s nice to get one that the rest of us can relate to. is owned and operated by Jorge Antonio Lopez. All original content is Copyrighted © 2008-2011 by its respective author(s). All Image files
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