posted 02/05/2013

Directed by:
Bob Kelljan

Jo Ann Harris ... Linda
Peter Brown ... Jack
Jennifer Lee ... Nancy
Lisa Moore ... Karen

Country: USA
Runtime: 90 min
Original title: Act of Vengeance
AKA: The Violator

Rape Squad AKA Act of Vengeance, is a 70’s exploitation flick, and part women’s liberation piece. I think it tends to sway more towards exploitation though. Rape is never funny but this kind of movie drops it’s balls trying to juggle between the two aforementioned themes. You end up getting a fun bad movie which never really moves into serious territory.

Linda runs a food truck. Hungry guys flock towards her for apples (well we really never see a crowd or real food other than apples). One guy seems to be involved in a relationship with her but he looks confused and dopey all the time. I find it hard to believe he’s ever gotten into her pants. She makes plans with this guy but gets raped at night round a horse farm. The rapist is arrogant, full of himself, and obviously deranged. He wears a bright orange jumpsuit (raping clothes) and a hockey mask. He’s dubbed "The Jingle Bell Killer" because he makes his prey sing that song and praise him for his expert sexing. Linda gets awful treatment when she reports this to the police. The jackasses make jokes and belittle her ordeal. One cop says that if he were raped he’d just lay back and enjoy it. Linda responds by saying she hopes he gets sodomized by a 300lb faggot rapist.

Eventually Linda meets the four other women who were raped by our rapist and since the police have their thumbs up their asses she decides to form a rape squad. She invites the girls over to her apartment and they lay down the plans. They establish a 24-hour rape line, go to karate classes and bathe naked in a gym Jacuzzi. Oh, most of them feel no need to wear braziers and prefer open-chested, panty displaying short dresses. Good for them! A couple of women hear about the squad and ask for help with certain lewd men. In one operation a potential rapist gets his apartment thrashed by the squad, tied to his bed and blue paint poured on his junk. Way to go girls! Another time an abusive pimp is beat up by the squad - all dressed in their karate uniforms - and his car is thrashed. So, they go around town in their Scooby-Doo van helping vulnerable women and thrashing stuff.

The Jingle Bell Killer has been keeping tabs on his women and he lures the squad to an abandoned zoo for an orgy. He gets the upper hand in the darkness and sticks the girls in cages. Linda is the exception. Even though Jingle Bells threatens to kill the squad if she doesn’t join him in a cage she comes up with a plan. She uses psychology and plays on the rapist’s delusions. She taunts him saying stuff like "you’re a lousy lay", or "even a faggot can sex me better." He goes psycho and attacks her. Self-defense class paid off because she ends up beating him to death with a shovel.

There are plenty other good funny scenes in this movie. If you watch it alone you might get a little bored though. Jose and I saw this during Christmas time and it was good fun, although the VHS transfer was pretty lousy. If you like exploitation cheese then I recommend you give this a watch. For the gentlemen reading this review, keep a leash on your wiener or the Rape Squad might just show up at your door!

- Jorge Antonio Lopez


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