Alucarda (1977)
"Alucarda hates men, religion, and rules and loves lesbian sex, sensuality and Satan. The hunchback gypsy man somehow opens them [Alucarda and Justine] up to a world of orgy loving Satanists. Both girls are inducted as Satan’s bitches. They hang out at the old crypt and make a blood pact to love each other and Satan."

At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul (1964)
"It sounds to me like we’ve got Satan’s badass on our hands. The philosophy of Ze and the film itself are bold and timeless. The darkness in the soul of Ze is unmatched by any other film villain I have yet to see."

Awakening of the Beast (1970)
"I've never seen someone try so hard to be a scary bad-ass and come off as a chia pet-faced dork that is as threatening as a stomach ache. The only effective things in the movie are the shots of people actually jabbing themselves with hypodermic needles."

Beyond the Grave (2010)
"He stays there a couple of nights and spends the day teaching the kids how to shoot a gun with your mind instead of bullets. Pinheiro claims that in his chaotic masterpiece vision, 'the world is transformed by magic and madness', so we should believe whatever comes out of his ass."

Cemetery of Terror (1985)
"The kids stumble onto the abandoned house and run into Devlon, who conjures up an army of zombies to chase the kids through the rest of the cemetery. When it came to killing, the film did not disappoint with maximum damage inflicted with a surprising helping of gore."

Dead End Drive-In(1986)
"If you can't drive out, then you have just changed your address because you are now a resident of the Drive-In. And who lives there? Oh, just your usual punks, gang members, hussies, harlots, and weirdoes...the typical cast for an 80s flick."

Demon Rat (1992)
"This plays out more like a sci-fi drama with a death match battle. The demon rat just wanders around the house till they encounter him at the end. I have to add that in no way you can confuse this thing for a rat. It’s Bigfoot with long hair and a tail. The body looks humanoid and he stands erect."

Don't Panic (1988)
"After the lame party Michael’s real friends show up to get drunk and play Ouija. Michael is a queer young man (who wears dinosaur pajamas all the time), and perhaps that was the funniest part of the movie. So I guess the message is clear. Don’t play with Ouija boards or it will screw up your life and kill your close friends."

El Topo (1970)
"The film plays out like a revisionist western with the violence turned up to 10, at least for the first hour that is. The first master lives in a strange tower and is basically a Hindu guy who has meditated so much or whatever that he can no longer feel pain or bleed that much when he gets shot."

Embodiment of Evil (2008)
"The old man wants to start a cult when in reality he should be playing shuffleboard in a retirement home. For god’s sake you can’t wear your top hat and cape and give people the evil eye and expect them to shit their pants. We get a comical performance as we see Josefel make a fool of himself. The sad thing is that he still thinks he’s some great prophetic demon lord."

Mortal Possession: The Reincarnation of Sex (1982)
"Ten years later a newlywed couple rent the home and the wife is plagued by an incessant sex drive. The damned head, which is still where we left it, in the potted plant, transmits messages to Celia. It asks for sex and more sex and in the end, the beheading of a male."

Narco Satánico (1968)
"Vicky seeks out a witch that tells her that the only one that can help is the devil himself! She pledges her body and soul in return for Ricardo’s affection; and as a bonus Satan gives her a magic dagger. Vicky then has sex with Ricardo and afterwards (possessed by Satan) stabs him through the back of the neck ?!"

Patrick (1978)
"On one occasion, later in the film, she (Kathy) gives coma man a hand-job, to see if he bones-up presumably, and he certainly does. Her husband Ed, and playboy doctor Brain Wright, both vie for her attention, yet she’s more interested in Patrick who does nothing but spit and make odd sounds with his mouth."

Rapists of Virgin Girls (1983)
"The plan works and so comes the night of deflowerment! Each old man is provided with a room and a virgin for a nightmarish honeymoon rape. One old man pours champagne on his girl’s naked buttocks and sucks the liquor off her ass. There is also plenty of eager boob grabbing and wrinkly penis in young tight, bushy vagina action."

Santa Sangre (1989)
"During a performance one night, Fenix's mom catches his dad doing the dirty to the tattooed hussy and POURS ACID ON HIS JUNK! The dad, in a fit of rage, CUTS OFF THE MOM'S ARMS and then kills himself by cutting his own throat...presumably because he doesn't want to live with a melted dick."

Santo and the Vengeance of the Mummy (1971)
"People start dropping dead as the bow and arrow wielding mummy claims the defilers. The Mexican workers are scared and want to leave, and Santo beats them up to 'convince' them to stay, but they flee the next morning, leaving Santo and a handful of people at camp."

Santo in the Border of Terror (1969)
"The film is basically a warning to Mexican refugees who cross the border daily. On the way home, they are attacked because the girlfriend is hot, and Santo saves them. The evil doctor's body harvesting plans have allowed him to create two zombie-like thugs to aide him in his goal of making enough money to rule the world or something like that."

Snuff (1976)
"The story involves a female biker gang/cult that is lead by a man named Satan. These cult chicks like to bathe topless in muddy lakes, snort drugs and fuck Satan. In another scene we see how she (Angelica) is initiated into the cult by being fucked in the ass (literally) by (you guessed it...) Satan."

Swamp of the Ravens, The (1974)
"He is testing out a new serum to reawaken the dead, and although it looks like he is failing with every attempt, the swamp behind his shack in the woods is full of the living dead corpses of his 'failed experiments', who do nothing but bleed from their faces and watch him dump more bodies into their watery grave."

This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse (1967)
"There are still rumors that he is a murderer and a son of the devil. The rumors are apparently true, because he spends most of the movie bullshiting about occult philosophy or some crap like that. Unfortunately, everyone finds out that he kidnapped a shitload of girls and he is chased into the dark woods of a Brazilian warehouse. Then some stupid shit happens, and it goes on way too long, and the movie thankfully ends."

Tintorera (1977)
"They have dinner together, and then they have sex; they explore some ruins and take pictures, and then they have sex; they go swimming and then they have sex. Basically, that's the whole damn movie, and then Miguel is killed by the shark, Gabriella leaves, and Steven goes out and seeks revenge on the shark. I also try to forget the fact that they made the shark breath like Darth Vader."

Vacations of Terror (1989)
"Their sister Gaby finds the doll and opens up the door to relentless witch attacks. Things from eggs breaking, lights being turned on and off, to psychic attacks. She’s thrown at least twice across the room and Julio is flung into a mirror and gets swallowed up in it. The effects are pure crap..."

Vacations of Terror 2 (1991)
"The Witch manages to shrink Mayra and turn her into a sugar statue, which is then placed on the giant cake from before and is set on fire. Julio saves the sugar doll from the fiery cake and restores her to actual size with another one of his exploding ceramic discs. Sure, it has a dumbass name, and its a sequel to a movie that probably not many people saw, but its as entertaining as any special effects horror show America ever turned out." is owned and operated by Jorge Antonio Lopez. All original content is Copyrighted © 2008-2014 by its respective author(s). All Image files
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